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Nino Kusrashvili

Nino Kusrashvili: ‘’It’s a Great Pleasure to Promote Literature’’

Interview with Nino Kusrashvili, public relations of publishing house Diogene.

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

A large number of students around the world will study public relations as the future career field. In the United States, more than 34,000 students have it chosen as the main study discipline. 100 universities of Europe offer to study this subject. Over 500,000 students study PR in China. In the end, communication with the public is a well-established academic subject that is studied in the world and practiced in almost every country. Georgians also joined us these students. I was one of the first who decided to study this specialty at Bachelor degree. After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism I entered the Faculty of PR and took 4 years to study. Relationship with the public is growing so much that the specialist is constantly developing and learning new skills.

What is it necessary to hold a successful communication with public?

“In democratic countries, all cases start with the consent of the public and exists with public opinion,” says Arthur W. Page . As you know, research, action, communication and evaluation are the main part of PR programs, but the main thing is to develop a PR strategy and implement different tactics. The strategy is somewhat widespread statement that describes how to achieve a goal. Maybe the company can develop one or more strategies. And tactics, unlike strategy, is a tactical part of the plan. Tactics is specific steps for activities that the organization should take. It is nothing more than a plan to perform. A reasonable definition of strategy and tactics in brief helps us to finally achieve the goals of the campaign.

What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

Academic study, Skills of PR specialist, Constant self-development.

 What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

First of all, the PR professional should be sociable, convincing and have writing skills. In our country professionals often switch from journalism to PR field, it’s good because journalistic experience helps the manager in success. At the same time, thorough education and practice are essential. The PR manager should be the face of the company to take care of its reputation. Develop the core concept of the manufacturer’s work well. One must manage between bilateral relations between customer and the company; develop a piracy strategy and perform with the team.

Describe your typical work week.

My main activity is to plan and implement new book presentations. Traditional and social media relations. Planning different predictions Dissemination of promotional information and so forth. Accordingly, I have planned all week long and I try to do my job with great responsibility. I would like to rejoice that the publishing house “Diogene” has published university manuals in this field. “Public Relations: Strategy and Tactics” and “Advertising and Promotion”, which I am sure will be helpful for students studying this field as well as PR and marketing managers. I was very struck by the visit of Dr. Denis Wilcox, an American PR specialist who shared his experience with his own book in Georgian (Public Relations: Strategy and Tactics Publishing House “Diogene”).

How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

As I work in this field for 16 years, I have a huge base of contacts. I believe that effective management of contacts helps the manager correctly plan and implement the PR plan. “PR Club”, professional association in Georgia helps me to find contacts and communicate with managers.

How would you prioritize and start your work day?

I am starting a day by checking email by morning. I answer many letters and interact with readers. I’m already familiar with new translations, I read many unfamiliar writers in my native language, and it is a great pleasure to promote literature and not something else.

What are the skills Public Relations Specialist need?

In order to build a career as PR, only personal skills are not enough. In addition to good writing, you should be able to have relationships with investors, government jobs, brand management, crisis communication and corporation social responsibility. Relations with the public have long gone beyond the “media relationship” and the promotion of advertising-news letters. New technologies develop the field and the specialist of this field.

What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

It is very important to have a sense of responsibility, ability to teamwork, creativity, crisis management and of course professionalism.

 What is the best PR practice technology can’t change?

PR is a field of mood. The PR specialists should better understand the environment where they work to find out what is happening in the state. One change of the law may influence the company’s activities. Just like the US, Germany, UK and others. The process has begun in Georgia and the relations with the society are developing more and more, but the reputation of the company is still important. It is not formed only by packaging and slogans. A good reputation creates or destroys everything that the organization is doing – starting with relationships with employees and ending with external factors. Just to say that the reputation is a trace that the organization leaves in the memory of the community. 

What are some of the growing trends in the public relations industry?

The new technology boom gives a great opportunity to the success of the public relations, but these opportunities will never change the wisely planned strategy and the carefully drafted manuals. You have to go where the society is. Now society is in social network, so Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mobile phones are the best way to communicate with them. I will not even try to predict what will happen after 10 years, because 10 years ago there was no Facebook and everything was planned through traditional media. Now I know that the mobile phone in our pocket will be great information.