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Ibery Taxi

New Taxi Company Ibery Appears on Georgian Market

Ibery, a new taxi company, has launched operation in Georgia. At the first stage, the company made investments of 6 million USD and offers comfortable services with Haval and Great Wall new vehicles.

“Our objective is to change service standards in this sector and make taxi services more comfortable, safer and faster. To this end the company has invested 6 million USD in business development”, Mariam Toidze, head of the company marketing and PR department, noted.

At this stage the company offers several types of services – economic class, premium class, business class and the so-called pickup services, as well as corporate services.

“Our vehicles are equipped by engines with high ecology standards and minimum of emissions. The company plans to convey electric taxis too. We have already launched negotiations and in about 6 months we will introduce our electric taxis too”, Mariam Toidze said.

Currently, the company fleet consists of 200 new vehicles.