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New Pharmaceutical Companies to Operate in Georgia

New pharmaceutical companies will operate on the Georgian market in the near future, Minister of Health Davit Sergeenko told CBW.

According to him, at this stage negotiations are underway, so the Minister refrains from specifying  the companies. The Minister  notes  that the emergence of new players in the market will make it more competitive and transparent. “Negotiations are underway and for this reason I cannot name the companies. But interest is shown by many representatives of the pharmaceutical business. We will create a system that ensures transparency and competition. Most importantly they will sell quality products,” the Minister stresses.

In his words, 200 basic medicines are planned to become cheaper in the autumn.

“There are several ways. First is subsidizing, but it is the wrong way, besides the government has no such money. The second is the establishment of an artificial limit on the price that is also a gross interference in private business, and ultimately will not result in to anything good. The third – is to ensure a high level of competition. We’re just going to follow this way. an effective system of control over drugs is needed  to ensure transparency and competition, otherwise cheap  but at the same substandard medicines containing threats to public health will appear  in  the market. We are going  towards the creation ofthe  effective system of  сontrol,” the Minister concludes.