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New 100-bed Hotel to Open in Omalo, Tusheti

Levan Sulakauri, founder of Nabadi hotel, told Eugeorgia.info that this is an only big hotel in Tusheti. Nabadi Hotel will occupy a special niche contrary to local guesthouses. The hotel will make focus on high-quality services and maintain traditional-ethnographic style.

“They rent 2-3-bed suites. One bed is rented for 25 GEL. Meals cost about 50-60 GEL, while in our hotel the price of a two-bed hotel will be 120 GEL jointly with meals”, Levan Sulakauri said.

The project value is about 500-600 thousand GEL. Tusheti has become a very popular destination among travelers and there will be no problem in terms of profitability, he added.

“Our family started tourism business in 1993. We used to transport foreign guests to Tusheti and established contacts with Italian, Swiss and German tourism agencies. We also  provide Camping. Today we do not need tourism agencies, because there is much demand and tourists contact us themselves. According to information of Tusheti Preserved Territories, in 2015 the location was visited by 8.5 thousand tourists, in 2016- 13 000 tourists and if even 900 of them stay at our hotel, the business will work valuably”, Levan Sulakauri noted.

“Construction of guesthouses should be intensified. Many local residents have applied to Ministry of Economy for preferential loans for hotel industry. Ten villages of Tusheti have been included in space arrangement program of Government of Georgia. Therefore, we expect tourism business to strengthen in Tusheti. There are also plans for building a new motor road”, Lado Kakhoidze, representative of the Governor in Tusheti administration, noted.

Eugeorgia.info has also learned that businessman Lasha Papashvili is also building a big modern hotel in Omalo. Construction of both hotels are expected to end in autumn 2017.