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Nenskra HPP Construction Works will Be Accelerated

Partnership Fund’s executive director David Saganelidze has hosted the managing team of K-water, Korean water resources corporation and Nenskra HPP project company JSC Nenskra Hydro .

At the meeting the parties discussed Nenskra HPP construction process and discussed project implementation issues. K-water managers thanked Georgian officials and Partnership Fund management for efficient promotion of the project and noted that the Nenskra HPP construction pace will be accelerated.

The K-water  vice president arrived in Georgia after the fruitful visit the Partnership Fund’s executive director paid to South Korea. At the company head office in South Korea, Saganelidze met with K-water President Hak-Soo Lee. At the meeting the parties discussed partnership perspectives and outlined future plans.

Partnership Fund and Korean K-water have been building 280-megawatt Nenskra HPP on the river Enguri tributary in Svaneti Region. Potential annual generation is 1’200.00 GWh.

The HPP will launch electricity generation in 2019, while project implementation will end in 2021. Construction works are carried out by major Italian company Salini Impreglio jointly with Georgian contractor building consortium GCC. Total value of the project is 1bln USD.

EBRD, ADB and KDB participate in the crediting component.

During his visit to South Korea, the Partnership Fund’s executive director attended International Water Conference organized by Asia Water Council in the city of Jeonju. Asia Water Council is led by K-water president Hak-Soo Lee. The conference named as Asia Decisions for Water was attended by businessmen from various countries of the world and government officials. The conference topic was an exchange of considerations about an employment of water resources, as well as the sharing  of the best practice and action plan. David Saganelidze also visited K-water center for integrated water resources management.

K-water, South Korean water resources corporation owns 20bln USD assets and its annual turnover is 1.7bln USD. The corporation was founded in 1967 and it manages national water resources for 50 years and supplies water to a major part of Korea. The company owns cascades, dams, water supply systems and facilities. Moreover, K-water implement international projects in various countries.