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National Tourism Administration Doubles Spending on Marketing

In  2015  the National Tourism Administration will spend GEL 7.8 million on advertising campaign abroad, which is almost 2 times more than in 2014.
According to George Chogovadze,  Director  of  the National Tourism Administration, despite the economic and political situation, Russia and Ukraine still remain the main target markets to attract tourists.

“The advertising campaign is also planned in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Hungary. These countries have been selected as a priority because of the availability of direct flights, “- said the head of  the department.

 According to him, due to the currency crisis and other external factors influencing the situation in the region, the number of tourists in Georgia has decreased.

“But at the same time in 2015 several major events are scheduled in Georgia such as the European Youth Olympic Festival, UEFA Super Cup and the annual conference of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. They give grounds for optimism that the flow of tourists to Georgia will grow, “- George Chogovadze notes.

According to him, in terms of the advertising campaign abroad, the emphasis will  be placed on television, the Internet, outdoor advertising and print media.

Director of the Tourism Administration  urges officials, and not only them, to spend holidays in Georgia, as domestic tourism is one of the most important components for the sector development.

“Georgia has a great potential – there are very few  countries in the world where there is a tourist season throughout the year,” – George Chogovadze underlines.