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Natalia Khatiashvili: PR is Wider Concept than Ordinary Advertisement

Interview with Natalia Khatiashvili, head of RIXOS Borjomi Sales and Marketing Department. 

– Which PR Companies inspire you?

– I am not PR specialist by profession and my job has less relation to PR management. Therefore, It is difficult for me to name specific PR company  inspiring me in special manner.

– Which media outlets do you follow?

-I watch TV channels every day, basically Rustavi 2 TV channel.

-Talk about the difference between PR and advertising.

– PR or public relations is a wider concept not only advertisement created for sales of specific product or services to a specific segment. Good PR specialist should shape positive reputation in the society about the company or project, ensure appropriate mood that will bring long-term results for employers.

– Name your best project or period you take pride in.

– About a year ago Rixos Borjomi launched competition and its participants were to seek old photos taken in Likani and Borjomi, photos of their childhood, parents, grandparents and share them to us… In the end, we managed to revitalize many pleasant memories to our participants, shared many positive emotions and created a beautiful album that may be seen at our Facebook page.

It should be also noted that there were cases, when participants sent group photos, then we  shared these pictures on our page and many friends found each other.

Thanks to this competition, we have also found historic photo, which became one of the winners of the competition, because it raised much public interest. The photo illustrated a small girl with her grandfather, who was later identified as Petre Ioseliani, who had worked as director for Borjomi-Likani sanatorium for many years.

– How do you integrate social media with PR?

– In the 21st century it is very easy to deliver information to wide society thanks to internet and social media. Naturally, we actively use this platform for communication with our audience.

– How do you support content marketing?

– We should not forget  that this or that activity makes influence on the general  reputation of a company, its values and principles. I believe that valuable support should be provided in this direction for PR content marketing.

– How would you present the results of your work? 

-I believe that our department works successfully (sales and marketing department), because the company scrupulously follows the determined strategy and naturally, our department plays much role in this.

-Which of your campaigns was the most creative and efficient?

-As a usual, I always supervise social PR campaigns, because this direction is very interesting for me personally. In this direction I am interested in success of Georgian campaigns. Consequently, I suddenly recalled the campaign for solution of parking problem for persons with disabilities, when wheelchairs were placed on the parking places.

This was quite efficient performance, memorable and it was clearly expressing my mood.

– What would you do if a client or manager disagreed with your PR strategy?

– When you are professional in your business, no matter the profession, and if you are confident in your potential and decisions, in this case you will maximally defend your positions.

– How do you overcome PR crisis situations in the company?

– Fortunately, no serious PR crisis situation has taken place at our company. However, it is golden rule in public relations that the company representatives should unveil truth about this or that crisis situation to the society. Consequently,  in crisis situation I would first of all summon a news conference as soon as possible.

– What would you say about your team members? What is their role?

– Current members of my team are professionals, hardworking and devoted people (sales and marketing specialists) and successful operation of our department is unimaginable without them.

– Describe a time you trained or mentored a colleague.  What personal features are required in similar situations?

– Everyday routine of our department implies meetings with partners. Consequently, I always try to personally attend the meetings jointly with beginner colleagues and simplify practical experience to them. I teach them how to offer this or that product with correct strategy.

– What’s interesting about our current PR work? What would you improve?

– In PR field the most interesting part is when you take maximum effort to adjust the company interests to public welfare, and defend the balance that will serve the interests of both parties. I think I would improve this direction more.