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Multifunctional Environment for Business Meetings – New Meeting Space Opened in Tbilisi

A new meeting space has opened in Tbilisi. It is a place for members of the business and public sectors, non-governmental organizations, and the media to arrange meetings, plan topic reviews and hold events.

Since its opening day, the Meeting Space has hosted many events. The space offers customers a different environment in which each detail has special significance. Due to the combination of modern and traditional designs, the space has been used as a set for a number of television commercials and TV shows.

The unpretentious and unambitious statement by the space’s Competence Center is different from meeting spaces at prestigious hotels. Those who are interested may have fun, speak up, change their environment and be set free from a routine workplace. They can present their ideas in their original form without meeting corporate formalities, allowing them to be who they are and ignore unnecessary inhibitions.

The inspiration for the creation of Meeting Space was a business meeting in Berlin held in a house. A comfortable and open environment with limited access to external persons and without distractions creates an exceptional work atmosphere.

Tbilisi is not spoiled for choice when it comes to places where seminars, workshops and discussion panels can be conducted and ideas can be exchanged. The city is not covered by world meeting space maps, so we had the desire to be the first to remedy this, and signed Competence Center up on the international  platform Spacebase, which lists meeting spaces around the world.

With this initiative, we would like to begin a trend in Georgia that will facilitate private meetings and development within this field.

The meeting space can be booked on  032 2470042

Address: Merab Aleksidze street # 3