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Mugsy's Burger

Mugsy’s Burger – New Burger House in Tbilisi

Mugsy’s Burger launched operation in Tbilisi in March, 2016, at a Small, comfortable facility on Paliashvili Street. Initially, the  menu comprised only one variety of Burger and potato fries. However, the Burger House became popular in a short period and acquired a great number of clients.

On September 15 Mugsy’s Burger unveiled a new facility on Vazha-Pshavela Avenue N 63. Currently, clients are able to taste four varieties of Burger. Moreover, the menu also includes Chicken Wings, Cheese Sticks with Bacon, Chicken Nuggest and Fresh Salad.


Mugsy’s concept is based on the current reality on the market. Prices on Burger of natural, unfrozen products are very high, however,  it is possible that prices of yummy burgers that is made everyday of new and high quality products be lower. Averaged price of similar sort of Burgers is 9 GEL, while Mugsy’s prices ranges from   4.9 to 8.9 GEL.


Major attention is paid to the process of selecting fresh products. High-quality meat and other unfrozen products are used for dishes and they are bought every day. Sauces of Mugsy’s recipe are made on the spot. Finally, clients feel all these special characteristics from the very first taste.

It should be noted that in the Social Network Mugsy’s Burger is very popular and the page has attracted 30 000 users in short period. Visitors always give highest mark to Mugsy’s Burger House.