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Mototravel Georgia from Netherlands

The country that made the deepest impact on two motorcycle enthusiasts turned out Georgia and that’s how the idea for ‘’Mototravel Georgia’’ was born. Willem Van Houten first went to Georgia in 2014 for an internship at the Dutch Embassy in Tbilisi.

Meanwhile he was cultivating the idea of importing Motorcycles from Netherlands with Evert Brolsma. By 2016 he started a crowdfunding-campaign to take the company to the next level by buying 8 BMW of excellent quality.

What is the service that you offer?

We brought high quality motorcycles from the Netherlands. All our bikes have suitcases mounted on them for the luggage/convenience,helmet, gloves and motorcycle insurance. Our motorcycle tours can be booked on:MototravelTbilisi starting from 5 to 12 days include everything, meaning we provide the fuel, foods & drinks, cab fares and the stay at hotels/guesthouses. Our clients are very surprised that they see so little motorcycles on the road here. because they all say the country is perfect for motorcycling.

What are the safety standards?

Our motorcycle insurance covers almost all damages. However, our insurance only covers the motorcycles, we strongly recommend all our clients to make sure that they are properly insured in the event of any accident. We strongly warn customers that it is not allowed under any circumstances to ride into or within the illegal breakaway regions of South-Ossetia and Abkhazia with our motorcycles.

By Nina Gomarteli

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