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Milk Processing Plant Opens in Terjola

Milk processing plant has opened in the village of Siktarva, Terjola Municipality. Zekari plant was unveiled with the financial support of Government of Georgia, as part of United Agro Project.

According to the Agriculture Projects Management Agency, investments in the enterprise amounted to 996 000 GEL, including 428 000 GEL and 461 000 preferential agro loans.

The plant will produce 41 tons of Sulguni cheese and 29 tons of Imeruli cheese a year. The products are sold on domestic market. The processing plant employs 15 workers. The company plans to introduce HACCP standards in 2019. 

“The Agriculture Projects Management Agency has been implementing United Agro Project designed for long-term development. Objective of this project is to upgrade competitive capacity, ensure stable growth of high-quality products and establish food safety international standards”, the Agency news item reads.