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Mikheil Chkuaseli

Mikheil Chkuaseli: Gambling Business is out of My Interest Area

Caucasus Business Week had a blitz interview with CEO of Geoplant, owner of Georgian brand of Tea Gurieli.


I FOUND MY FIRST JOB AS A WORKER. I remember I was a first-year student at the evening full-times studies. I used to work in the daytime and go to university in the evening.

MY FIRST SALARY WAS 65 RUBLES. In that period, this was a quite plentiful amount, especially in my age. I did not have to support the family and this sum was sufficient for me. In several month, my incomes rose to 250 Rubles.

I WAS VERY YOUNG WHEN I STARTED MY FIRST BUSINESS WITH MY FRIENDS. This was pullover business. We used to buy and sell pullovers. I remember it was quite successful.

TEA BUSINESS WHERE I AM WORKING NOW. Shareholders of Geoplant are my long time friends and I found project very interesting. Proud to be here.


EVERY DAY I WAKE UP AT 7 A.M. USUALLY GO TO MY OFFICE FROM 8:30 TO 9 A.M. First of all I check my day agenda, looking through the mail box  and then I have to eat at list one big frog.

THE GAMBLING BUSINESS IS THE FIELD, where I would never work in. I do not like this direction and I have no interest in it.

A PERSON SHOULD NOT BE READY TO DO ANYTHING TO CAREER PROMOTION. To put simply, people should preserve the conscience.

I LIKE AND EASILY COMMUNICATE WITH REPORTERS.  I do this 24 hours per day. Why? Because my spouse is a reporter.

I LOVE TRAVELING. I love it to much. And I am travelling a lot, almost every month I have small business or leisure trips.

I HAVE MANY FAVORITE DISHS AND CAN’T choose one or two most liked one. I like to cook myself. All my friends like to taste it.

FOOTBALL is my favorite sport. I like football because of David Kipiani.

JUVENTUS is my favorite football club, this is story of great love and love for ever, but Dinamo Tbilisi is like first love which you never forget.