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Lilo Mall to Launch Amazon and Ebay Analogue

Shopping center “Lilo Mall” is working on the creation of online site which will be an amazon and ebay’s analogue. As the company’s president Levan  Gagua says in an interview with “Commersant”, online sales system will be launched in the spring of this year.

He explains  that the process has started, content has been purchased and now the preparatory works are underway. In Gagua’s words, the company will try to put online the products sold at  the  trade center. According to him, navigation system will allow customers  to view the products before the arrival to the shopping center and contact with the potential  seller.

Gagua notes that at the initial stage sales will be carried out  online only in Tbilisi. However, the company  plans to expand to the regions as well.

As for him, “Lilo Mall” will invest GEL  200 000-250 000 for a new concept development. Gagua expects  that the laucnh of the  system will increase  the company’s sales by  20-25 percent.

As for the current sales and trends, “Lilo Mall” President notes  that a January-March period was  crisis and the situation has not changed for the better so far.

“Lilo Mall” spaces rental value has not changed since 2006 and one  square meter of space costs GEL 7-45.