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Khalisi Soft Drinks Company to Build Plant in Kharagauli

American and Finnish partners have showed interest in products of Khalisi soft drinks company that appeared on the market two months ago.

The company founder Mamuka Karelidze told the Commersant that the company  manufactures not ordinary juice products, but a mixture of eastern seasoning and Georgian fruits and berries. Foreign investors were interested in flavor properties of these products. However, this interest does not suffice to launch exports, Karelidze noted.

At this stage, the company bottles juices in one-liter glass containers and American partners find this method unacceptable, because they demand products in 300 gram tins, he said.

 “We cannot satisfy their standards and requirements because of our current resources”, Mamuka Karelidze noted.

Financial resources are required to satisfy the standards of foreign partners and launch exports. Therefore, the company is participating in Produce in Georgia state program. If the company obtains a 320 000 USD financial resource, it will build a plant in Kharagauli.

“This project will lower product price and upgrade its quality”, Mamuka Karelidze said.

As to product, Georgian consumers have accepted the new product, Karelidze noted. Beverage of natural products that is free of gas and alcohol is sold on Saburtalo, Didi Dighomi and Temqa territories.

At this stage the company produces two sorts of drinks: a mixture of peach and apricots and a mixture of raspberry, cherry and strawberry in one-liter tins. The product price is 4 GEL. The enterprise is located in Gori.