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Keti Macharashvili: Relevance and Responsiveness are Key Concepts of Public Relations

Interview with Business Development and Marketing Manager at BDO Georgia Keti Macharashvili:

-Why did you decide to enter this field and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you in terms of career growth?

– I still consider myself new at this, officially at least. The decision to fully engage in the field though was not a difficult one for me, I had been with the firm for over 16 years before taking over the department, I’d practically grown with BDO, was part of and experienced every inch of development. So when the opportunity presented itself, I was more than ready to welcome the challenge. For the right type of people career in PR & marketing can be very fulfilling, which makes any job a dream job. As with any other profession, choosing a career in public relations is all about personality. I do this because I can and because it feels close to my heart. And if you care about something, you make the easy choices to commit.

What is it necessary to hold a successful communication with public?

– Relevance. Undeniably. Being honest in everything you say, in a way that the society can relate. Ability to listen carefully, be adequate and responsive. Relevance and responsiveness are key concepts of public relations.

-What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

– I’m not sure about the tips but what I could suggest to anyone interested in career in public relations is to eliminate the significance of the myth of manipulation, in the most common negative sense of the term. Any communication inherently designed to manipulate rather than relate and build rapport is not public relations done right.

Also, stay informed at all times, about anything you do and especially plan to do. There is no alternative to being well equipped with facts, best practices and patterns of behaviour of the audience. The rest is about being capable of reasoning and analyzing.

-What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

– How fast evolving the field was. I’d like to have known that. But then again it’s all about being able to adapt. The rhythm is probably one of the most exciting things about this job. 

-Describe your typical work week.

– Busy, and feels very short, but I would not be the only one in any occupation to say this 🙂 the crazy rhythm of business sharpens deadlines in a way that ironically makes time irrelevant – there is no ‘week’ with a start and an end, time just rolls with loads of work to do. 

How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

 – Research. I personally base everything on research. And being present at all times where there is an opportunity to relate with people, regardless of the occasion.

How would you prioritize and start your work day?

– By checking email, just like anybody else’s I think 🙂 Any new day in fact reflects the previous day and plans then made. Prioritizing in the life of marketer is a relative term. It’s basically ‘do as you go’ matter with us.

-What are the skills that successful PR specialist needs? 

– Any skills that a person would need to be successful in any career really. Good communicator, taking time to research and listen, and willing to take responsibility with respect to the job and no less importantly – to the people around. 

What trait do you value the most in your co-workers? 

– Accountability towards others, agility and creativity. Being accountable shows the priceless inner culture that extends to the attitude that the person generally carries towards anything. Being agile translates into the ability to keep the pace as the environment changes and evolves, which in this reality is inevitable. And creativity is what makes it possible for a person to still stand out in this overloaded world of technology and progress.

If you are lucky enough to surround yourself with people with these qualities, you can rely on them. And this is something of utmost value.

What is the best PR practice technology can’t change? 

– Let’s face it, technology changes everything, but it certainly does not replace everything. Individualism, especially with the unbelievable redundancy of means of technology, always prevails.

What are some of the growing trends in the public relations industry

– Thought leadership, constantly growing value of reliable information. And with that smarter ways to engage public interest – relevant, time-saving techniques, with increasing human touch.