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Ketevan BubuteishviliKetevan Bubuteishvili

PR’s importance is Changing, It has Become the Most Effective Way to Build a Brand

CBW had an interview with Ketevan Bubuteishvilil, head of TechnoPark Marketing and PR department where she talked about the growing importance of public relations in Georgian business.

-What are you by profession?

-I am a specialist of PR and Communications by profession.

-Your first job place.

-My career started in nongovernmental sector. I started working as a media relations specialist for Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF). I grained very useful experience for my professional development. The organization had competent director, experienced team and interesting programs.

-Current job and position.

-Currently, I am working for one of the successful organizations and participating in one of the successful projects –which is Innovation and Technology Agency and its advanced project – TechnoPark that is to promote the economy of tomorrow, technological development and create new opportunities in this direction.

-Your first success.

-My first and memorable success is related to foundation of annual tennis amateur tournament jointly with Lopota Resort. In a short period this tournament became popular and one of the successful tournaments due to its prize fund. I think the tournament had very successful PR-communication plan and marketing and this factor preconditioned its success largely.

-Field where you would work never.

-I have not though about this, but I definitely know where I would work in addition if I had time and opportunity – I would work at a village school somewhere to share my experience and knowledge to children.

-What makes a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what special characteristics are required?

-Hard work, good education and self-criticism. It is also important to work with a team, love people and keep friendly relationships when doing your business.

 -Is it possible today in Georgia to study PR, or international knowledge and experience are required?

-Georgia offers some educational opportunities in this field. However, it is also indisputable that there are higher-level institutions worldwide. In public relations you should not be lazy to conduct research works, share experience of others and implement your own projects and initiatives.

-Is PR in Georgia perceived and understood in its classical form and nature?

-PR as a term was distorted in negative direction, to a certain degree, as this word was frequently associated with propaganda and biased media coverage, one-sided  coverage. In my view, over the past years attitude to this term and process has been improved  and term has positioned its natural self. The main thing is that now all organizations understand the importance and necessity of PR communications – and this factor generates demand for our profession and develops the field.

-How easily can you settle emergency situations and take decisions. Do similar cases affect quality of the working process?

-Prevention of crisis situations and their resolution is one of the main objectives of PR communications. These aspects are directly related to our profession. It is difficult to say how well  I do this personally. Crisis management is very interesting and requires an ideal combination of knowledge and skills, effective and prompt mechanism for decision-making,

-If not this profession, which field would you work in?

-I am interested in photography very much for expression of emotions and essence. Interpretation of photo materials is a very interesting process.

-What are strong features of you, as a businessman.

-Professionalism, reliability, hardworking – first of all. I think these three components are key factors.

-What does your employer company give you? What makes it interesting for you?

-As I noted TechnoPark has been building Georgia of the Tomorrow, economy of the Tomorrow. New generation is taking efforts here and conducting experiments. New business ideas are born here and ideas compete with each other. This is a very interesting and multilateral process.  We have privileges to be ahead of current developments and foresee the future.

-What creates major discomfort in working process?

-Time shortage creates major discomfort. Time for personal relations is very limited in our century and I think this is a main problem.

-Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

-In Georgia, together with my family members, making my favorite business.