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Kazantip to Kick off on August 20

On 20-30 August the electronic dance music festival “Kazantip” will be held in Anaklia.

The project manager Nikita Marshunok met with Georgian journalists and told them the details of the upcoming project. Infrastructure works have  already started in Anaklia, installation of the stage and construction of the tent city will be ready by August 10.

200 foreign DJs, including  13 local, will arrive in Georgia to participate in the festival. In order to get to the festival, one must register on the site of the festival, take the so-called visa, which costs  USD 175- 262. Why was it decided to hold a festival in Anaklia, how much will it cost?

Nikita Marshunok answered “Commersant” questions.

Why did you choose Anaklia? What is the reason? 

Anaklia has a huge potential and it was impossible to ignore such a proposal. Another factor  is that Georgia is an open country – obtaining visas to foreign nationals is very simplified, respectively, it will be very easy to get  into the country. In general, I’ve heard a lot about Georgia, though I’ve  never planned to hold  “Kazantip” here. Now the situation has changed.

Which is a feature of your project?

This will be a large-scale electronic music festival, which will be attended by 200 foreign and 13 Georgian artists. It will be an unforgettable sight. In society, there is a clear lack of information about “Kazantip”, so we invited members of the media in Anaklia. I am staying in Georgia  for more than a month and personally supervise all the preparatory work.

What do the local residents feel about “Kazantip”? 

I have  repeatedly met the  local residents. I often go with my wife to talk to them, and then they realize that  that I’m not as awful as it looks on TV, I have  normal thoughts and ideas.

Nevertheless, there is a public perception that the festival  will promote  drugs and lechery. What can you say to that? 

In the world there are no countries where drugs are allowed. There are countries with  soft laws and there are others where they are tough. In Georgia,  the legislation is  tough, respectively “Kazantip” will take into account local realities. It’s generally unnecessary to talk about drugs  as the police will be mobilize to control this situation.

As for my personal relationship with drugs, I can say that I am totally against any drug. I get a positive without drugs. As for lechery, the festival is not designed to promote lechery, it is aimed  to  inspire  a sense of happiness in people who want to relax.

Do you  plan to conduct “Kazantip” in Georgia in the future? 

I have no doubt that the festival will bring great success to Georgia. We want Anaklia to become the center of youth recreation, and music is the best way for this. So, I’m sure that “Kazantip” will take place in Georgia in the future.

How many tourists do you expect? 

20 000 people have already registered on the official website. Registration will continue until the end of July, and we expect this figure will at least double.

As for the financial side of the issue – how much does the festival cost and what profit do you expect?

At this stage, I cannot say anything about the amounts. There is no  project that would cost the same amount in different places. Festival should be primarily of high quality. I can only say that USD 4, 6 million were spent last year. As preparatory work is underway in Anaklia, I cannot name the specific numbers. Let’s talk about  figures on September 1.