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Kakha Magradze

Kakha Magradze: Business is Restricted Unjustifiably

Chairman of non-Alcoholic producing association, Kakha Magradze talked about labeling law at Georgian television show Business Contact.

Why do your members think that mandatory labeling law contradicts Constitution? 

The main argument is that business is restricted unjustifiably, this type of registration is not really necessary and we are protesting this regulation, because we think that registration can be made differently. There is no evidence that registration problem exists or state damages from it.

We had been carrying on negotiations with the Ministry of Finance, however after electronic labeling has been activated, our members were not able to continue negotiations and exchange documentations. 

Company Natakhtari did not involve in this campaign, why?

Natakhtari chose neutral position at this stage. Argument has no sense and everybody has its own right. Our association is not legal entity, here companies gather because of common issues.