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Irina Kometiani: Devotion to Job, First of All, Brings Success

Interview with Irina Kometiani, PR specialist.

– What is your profession?

– I have graduated from humanities faculty with specialization in German and Georgian languages. I hold a MA degree in PR management and I am also a postgraduate student in business administration.

– Your first job place.

– I would remember my working experience in studentship years  – private lessons for pupils, I used to give lessons in German language. I used to work in bank sector, private business. I have worked as a project manager  for a Latvian company and an administrative manager for an energy company.

– Current job and position.

– I have been working as a senior specialist for Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) PR office.

– Your first success.

– In my school my team won intellectual game among secondary schools of Georgia. Before, I had taken part in various contests, but in that case I was a team leader and, consequently, I had much responsibility. I believe this was a good experience.

– Business, project that you take pride in even today.

– I put all my efforts and energy in any project. Consequently, all projects, in which I have taken part in my studentship and on various positions, are very important for me.

– Field, where you would never work in.

– New challenges are always very interesting and I have never considered them as obstacles. Consequently, as a PR specialist, I would take efforts in any field that do not contradict my moral principles. As to profession, I would not be a doctor.

– What makes a person successful in your field? Besides knowledges, whats special features are required?

– Devotion to job and business, first of all, precondition success in any field. Proper interpersonal communication skills and care for self-development are necessary features to attain success.

– Is it possible in Georgia today to study PR profession at high level or international knowledge and experience are necessary?

– I graduated MA studies in PR field at GIPA. We have professional specialists, who give lectures at various higher institutions. Anyway,  it is necessary to care for permanent self-development at all stages. It is necessary to actively get to know updates and literature on newest tendencies in field of specialization.

– How easily can you settle emergency situations and take decisions? Do you think crisis situations harm working process?

– In critical situations I always try to maintain peaceful mood and this strategy helps me in self-concentration and taking right decisions.

– Interesting episode from your life that has changed your life.

– Interesting cases have preconditioned changes at all stage of my life and every time everything was changing for the better.

-If not this profession, which field would you work in?

– I suppose I would be a psychologist. This is a very interesting field for me. I independently receive information from various literature on social psychology and this practice assists me in my current job.

– What are your strong personal features and characteristics?

– I think my positive thought and optimism is one of my positive features and this aspect assists me very much in both business and personal relations.

– What factors make major discomfort in working process?

– I think it is difficult to work with irresponsible people.

– Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

– It is useless to talk about what may happen after 20 years. The life is full of surprises, but I definitely know that I will have my own favorite business.