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Iranian Businessman- Iranian Investors are Losing Confidence in the Georgian Government

The Georgian government has decided not to listen to foreign investors. An absence of qualified advisors is one of the main problems causing a rift between the private sector and the government in Georgia, Mahmoud Davari, a founder of Iran-Georgia Business Development Centre says.

Iranian investors are investing over USD 20 billion annually in the UAE, a sum that could potentially be issued to Georgia as well, if its policymakers were to have a different policy. A nuclear deal with Iran was reached last week. This sparked optimism around the world, as it is believed that it will revive Iran’s economy. Meanwhile, it seems that Georgia has lost the opportunity to attract investors from Iran, the country with the fourth largest crude oil reserves in the world.

The founder of Iran-Georgia Business Development Centre says that many different agreements were signed during the visit of the Minister of Economy of Georgia and his delegation to Iran. One of the agreements envisioned starting of direct flights between Tehran and Tbilisi.

“Mahan Air is one of the leading air companies in Iran. Hence, it was agreed that Mahan Air would start flights. The first flight was scheduled for July 2. However, the flight was later cancelled. The Georgian side explained their decision due to security problems which Mahan was facing. However, if the company had some security problems it would never have scheduled flights running to European countries. Georgia is losing Iranian investors as well as Iranian tourists, and we see no response emerging from the Government,” Davari said.

He explains that Iran’s main issue is in relation to the Ministry of Economy. The businessman says he wishes they were more attentive and available for communication. They face a majior problem of the lack of communication. Lots of letters sent to the Ministry still remain without any response, he says. In the words of Mahmoud Davari, relations between the Iran, West and the U.S. will soon be normalized and sanctions will be lifted. By that time, the bridge between Iranian and Georgian businesses should not be damaged.