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International Success of the Railway Carriage-Building Holding

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant included in the Railway Carriage-Building  Holding  has received an international license for the production of heavy and medium-sized parts for carriages.

A group of foreign experts and specialists praised the most expensive parts for carriages made by the plant. Obtaining a license will allow the company to export its products. This fact is unprecedented for the country such as  Georgia. In particular, in  the former Soviet Union only Russia and Ukraine own such licenses. Even so, this kind of details are  scarce even in these countries, and they have to import them from China, India and Europe.

A  license will allow  the railway carriage-building  company to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance of carriages and, accordingly, increase the competitiveness of products in the international market. Railway Carriage-Building  Holding is one of the largest Georgian industrial groups, which consists of Electric Railway Car Repair Plant, which is mainly engaged in the repair of carriages, Railway Carriage-Building Holding –  is a new company mainly focused on building carriages  while  Rustavi Metallurgical Plant  is  mainly involved in  production of  parts for carriages.