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How to Increase Internet Speed without Changing Service Package

It is much comfort when subscribers are able to receive increased Internet speed for minimal costs. Boost Package ensures doubled speed for 18 months for minimum package subscribers.

By paying additional 4 GEL a month, subscribers of other packages will receive 10mb/sc faster speed. If it is possible to supply increased speed, the offer will refer to DSL network too.

Those subscribers, who use double/triple (DSL/optical) services, will save more money if they enjoy Combo campaign: by paying additional 7 GEL, they will receive increased speed of Boost and  1 extra thematic package.

Minimum package speed in Silknet optical network is 10 mb/sc, but in some cases subscribers need higher speed in certain time period. In this case additional services may be used thanks to Turbo Button.

By activating Turbo Button subscribers will receive internet speed of about 100 mb/sc for 2 hours. In this period subscribers are able to quickly receive and send data, use such content that requires high speed. First activation of Turbo Button package is free of charge, while every next activation price is 1.5 GEL.

Turbo Button is activated temporarily, without change of internet package, from Mysilknet.com portal.

Night Express

Night Express package grows internet speed up to 50mb/sc  at night hours. This service runs from 00:00 to 08:00. The service price is 5 GEL and is charged every monthly jointly with subscription fee. Th service is activated from Mysilknet.com portal.

Physical bodies are able to enjoy these offers, who use optical network in Tbilisi and regions: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Poti, Zugdidi, Khashuri, Gori, Zestaponi, Telavi, Rustavi.