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Imereti Region Produces 100 million USD Culinary Herbs

Zurab Janelidze, director of Herbia  culinary herbs production company, talks about the current problems before small and medium business sector that hinder Georgian product to increase exports scales on EU market.

“In off-season period Imereti Region produces about 100 million USD culinary herbs and vegetables for exports. And we can imagine if someone supports this field, how positive results we will receive. Imports will be replaced and exports will be boosted. Similar support will enable the country  to draw foreign currency and replace imports. Government may take considerable efforts for exports promotion, including create logistics centers, that is unattainable for specific farmers”, Zurab Janelidze said.

Key problem for exports is that Georgia cannot produce due volume of culinary herbs.

European customers always demand continuous supply and this is impossible without critical volumes, the company director noted.

Herbia exports products to Bulgaria. Almost nobody has introduced EU standard of Global Gap in Georgia, he said.

“We cannot produce due volumes and therefore, we should expand our business or launch cooperation”, the company director said.