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Ilia Tsulaia

Ilia Tsulaia: Footwear Imports-Sales was My First Business Activity

Caucasus Business Week had an blitz interview with General director of Archi Group Investment company Ilia Tsulaia, Archi Group.

I am a lawyer by education. I easily started my first job. Before the university graduation, I took office at a law firm as a private law defense lawyer.

I do not remember my first salary very well, because I was doing business in the period of my studies. Consequently, I received my first incomes from the private business.

My first business was related to not the development sector or investments, but an entirely other sector. In my university years, I used to import and sell footwear in Georgia. I go to the office at 10-11 o’clock, but I do not have a specific time anyway. Everything depends on specific situations.

Having got to the office, I draft a plan, first of all, to be determined what to do during the day.

I joined the development business in 2006, when we used to provide mainly advisory services. We used to draw investments too. In 2006 investments were mainly made in the real estate business and our partners were buying land plots. In the course of time our partners were found to have bought wide spaces of land plots. This factor led us to entering the development business. Naturally, I have an apartment in the building constructed by my company.

A person should not be ready to do anything for career promotion. You should be just and honest in all your steps. We should follow correct roads. The objectives doe not always justify the means. I have never achieved the goal through incorrect and dishonest mechanisms and will never do. I have thought about the business sector, where I would never take efforts. I would never do immoral business, for example, I would never have a brothel.

There are a lot of fundamental principles in this life, but I would name several ones: first of all, my familiar persons should be well and second, I should be able to   reach the determined goals. I do not have special fear of anything in this life. “I was a tank crewman before the war” (a phrase from the famous Georgian feature film “The Blue Mountains of Tianshan”)

I always do what I want and achieve the goals I set. There is nothing easy to do in this life, but efforts pay. I love traveling. I would live in Europe’s developed countries with much pleasure, in the USA, but only temporarily.

I do not have any problems in communicating with reporters. I communicate with them with much pleasure, but I do not know whether this attitude could be called the love. I would not name any specific dishes to be my favorite ones. There are a lot dishes that I like.

As to the sport, I like basketball, but prefer football for watching. I am FC Bayern Munchen fan.