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Hippie Exports Georgian Handiworks to Italy, France and Germany

Handiworks produced by Hippie company were sold in Italy, France, Germany and Turkey. The company founder Lali Tvaliashvili told Fortuna that there is much demand for handmade works on both domestic and foreign markets.

“There were about 10 cases, when our products raised interest in European countries and we sent Hippie products by post. As to domestic market, demand considerably exceeds supply here. Brand becomes popular day to day and consequently, the number of orders also grows”, Tvaliashvili said.

Hippie makes handiworks of natural stones, leather substitutes and natural flowers, she said.

“We mainly work on bags and accessories, but we plan to add other things too. As to sales, we sell our products all over Georgia. Clients make orders through social networks and we send products by post”, the company co-founder said.

Besides online shopping, consumers are able to buy Hippie products at the store of the same appellation. Two weeks ago the company unveiled its own store on Pekini Avenue in Tbilisi. Prices range from 2 to 79 GEL. In the future the company plans to arrange workshop and store in the same space so as customers be able to see the production process themselves, and even to take part in it, Lali Tvaliashvili said.

We remind you that Hippie introduced products a year ago. The company workshop is located in Rustavi, where 2 persons are employed.