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Gulf Company to Care for Street Dogs

GULF company has decided to arrange special infrastructure – kennels for homeless dogs at 20 refueling stations. The kennels will be made of special material fitting the winter conditions. Moreover, the company will also provide food and full veterinary services for street dogs.

Nincho Jibladze, GULF vice president: At this stage we have sharp problem with street dogs. I believe it is the responsibility of our society to care for them.

At several refueling stations homeless dogs accustomed to our staff and operators started caring for them on their own will and costs. After this we decided, as a company, to engage in this process actively and implement more complex project in this direction.

Nincho Jibladze told the Marketer that this decision may become a good sample for other companies too: “We should know how to care for animals, we should love them and share our warmth and food to them. And we will become better and environment around us”, she noted.