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Gov’t Changes Regulations of Construction in Tbilisi

Gov’t Changes Construction Regulations in Tbilisi

Construction companies involved in the implementation of projects in the capital will have to work under new conditions.

In particular, the Urban Planning Department of the City Hall is working on a bill that will oblige developers to construct buildings fully provided with parking places for all residents or tenants.

The project is expected to be submitted to the Tbilisi City Assembly in February. According to the basic version of the draft, the number of parking spaces will not depend on the number of apartments but on their area — in contrast to the current rules obliging construction companies to provide parking space for each apartment.

Developers require the municipal authorities to cancel this rule saying  that otherwise investments in the construction sector may be reduced. The construction companies note that this approach is unfair, since an apartment with a total area of 200 as well as 40 square meters will get the same number of parking spaces.

Executive Director of the company Archi Group draws attention to the problems faced by the developers because of the current regulations.

“When the company builds  a 20-apartment building and has 15 parking spaces, the municipality refuses to accept it, because of what the builders are forced to adjust the project and combine several small apartments into one big,” he explains.

In his words, the lack of parking spaces creates a problem in  Tbilisi.

“If the construction company does  not have enough parking spaces, it is forced to build a two-story parking or reduce the number of apartments. Both of them bring considerable losses to developers,” Tornike Abuladze adds.