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Giga Kharebava: Branding is Person’s Emotional Proposition

Interview with senior consultant of PR and Marketing Communications Company GEPRA Giga Kharebava.

Why did you decide to enter this field and what opportunities does it give in terms of career growth?

When you work for the agency and not in any specific company, this is a constant change. This is a series of several projects, diverse clients, and therefore different directions, which makes the process quite interesting. This gives you an experience that will eventually form you more professional.

What is it necessary to hold successful communication with public?

In case of successful branding, two main factors should be considered. The first customer should be aware of the necessity of service and the second, we must provide him with appropriate methodology. Ideally, research is conducted, together with the concept of branding we determine the brand platform, and after that we go to certain tangible sides such as logo, slogan, name and so on. When the customer does not know this methodology, he is always ahead of events, wants to see the logo and so on, in this regard, cooperation and involvement in the process is a bit difficult. The product created must meet the needs of the people for whom it is created.

Tell us about your most successful campaigns you, and what was they key to success?

For GEPRA and personally me, good example is branding for GNERC, where many people were involved. Work meetings were conducted on the formation of the mission, in fact we were studying all the words and looking for accurate formulation of everything. At last we managed to find out exactly what was important for this people and it came out successful case.

What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

  • PR is a very diverse combination of different disciplines. Therefore, it is necessary to figure it out and choose an appropriate direction;
  • Always try to take into consideration the real demand of the customer, to realize their need and plan activities accordingly, not to be focused on external effects, as often their benefits are shallow and short-term;
  • Being constantly developing.

What has changed in the PR industry over the last five years?

Channels have changed. The active invasion of social media started over 5 years ago. It was the most important and essential thing. After this there has been a need for new changes, there may be some new technology, but the qualitative similarity has not happened in recent years.

What are your prediction on PR industry, what challenges will this field face in 5-10 years?

Overall, the global issue is still a more accurate assessment of efficiency. This is a global problem in marketing communication, including PR. Competition in Georgia is very specific. To sum up PR services, you may find out that other types of agencies do more PR activities than PR agencies, who offer such services. Internal structures of organizations might be doing more themselves. In any case, it would be nice companies to realize how important it is to have internal company for that, to operate properly. Hopefully, outsourcing will increase. In fact, I think that this scheme will be more optimal.

As for the PR industry, the challenge of the field is a very abstract concept. Those organizations who need our services have challenges and we should be able to offer an appropriate solution.

Today, when most companies are focused on the customer, how do you create personalized branding for multichannel marketing campaigns?

Branding as a disciple has acquired the actuality when it came to competition. The fact that your shoes are not too tight, or car operates normally, is not enough for customer to make his choice. The vision is that people have an emotional attitude to what they are offered. Branding is person’s emotional proposition.