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Gia Piradashvili Launches Production of Shantraba Beer

Gia Piradashvili has launched beer production. The product will be introduced to three restaurants in Tbilisi, in the near future, but currently, Piradashvili’s beer is available for tasting at the Piradashvilis Chateaus.

This is not a cheap product, because its prime cost is high. The company makes accent on Georgian raw materials when manufacturing beer, Piradashvili said. We have named beer as Shantraba. It is produced in bottles. This craft is based on Georgian taste properties.

We collect mountain savory and use it in beer production, as well as Georgia orange zest. We have two varieties of beer – beer of Kakhetian grain and Black Beer of barley. Both beer are unfiltered and are produced in 0.75ml bottles. Its price will be 20 GEL. We plan to manufacture 500-600 liters a month, that is about 800 bottles. There are very small resources for production of this beer i and therefore production volume is limited.

This is a different and comparatively higher -alcohol beer that should not be tasted much. This is my private initiative and I produce this beer jointly with my friend Gia Alkhanaidze, who is professional beer manufacturer. He comes from Tusheti and we want to revitalize traditions related to beer production in Georgia”, Gia Piradashvili said.