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GEPRA Becomes a Partner of Ketchum Maslov in Georgia

Georgian PR Agency joined the Europe largest network.

Communication agency Ketchum Maslov announced about signing of partnership agreements with Gepra in Georgia and Deem Communications in Armenia.

Official partnership will increase the effectiveness of Gepra in terms of project management and quality of the services in serving international clients and at the same time strengthen the Ketchum positions in post-soviet countries.

Partnership with Ketchum Maslov gives opportunities to Gepra to participate in the projects of the Moscow office, cooperate with partners and regional clients in Post-soviet and Eastern European countries and gain access to the resources and technologies of Ketchum global network.


“Long term business relations with Ketchum was logically transformed in official partnership. We are happy to announce about signing of the agreement and are ready to work on new, joint projects. For us, it is a great opportunity to gain the new experience and move to the next stage of the development. Partnership with Ketchum is a significant not only for Gepra, but also for Georgian PR market, in whole. Official partnership status will boost new projects not only in Post-soviet, but also in Eastern Europe countries. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Gepra will have a great opportunity to further develop its relations with international corporations and investors” – Ekaterine Zhvania, Director at Gepra told us.

“Over the past years, we were receiving regular requests from our existing clients to expand the network in other countries. After implementing of several joint projects, we decide to offer partnership status to Gepra and Deem Communications. We are sure, that the future cooperation will be fruitful for our clients and for Ketchum global network, both” – says Michael Maslov, Partner and General Director at Ketchum Maslov.

About Ketchum Maslov

Ketchum Maslov is one of the largest and diversified international PR Agencies, operating in Russia and Post-Soviet Countries, with main focus on Startegic Communications.

Since establishment, (November 1993), agency is a leader of the sphere: Holmes Report recognized Ketchum Maslov as the best PR Agency in Russia in 2016 and Agency of the Year in Eastern Europe in 2012. Ketchum Maslov is the only agency, which holds both awards.