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Georgia’s Leading Hair Transplantation Center – Years of Successful Experience

Interview with Irakli Bebiashvili, CEO of hair restoration therapeutic-scientific center Hairline International. co-founder of hair Transplantology and Trichology Association of Georgia and of Hairline International. Member of the Association of Eurasian Trichologists, of the Acad. Gr. Mukhadze’s Surgeon Scientific Society, of the Georgian Endoscopic Association and American Association AHLA. Professional surgeon with 25 years of experience.

Both experts and patients have named HairLine International as the number one golden brand in hair transplantation field. What do you think, why have they named your company as the field leader and what does this recognition signify for you?

Multi-year experience, professionalism, result-oriented team of doctors. Consumers see all these aspects, appreciate them and that’s why they give preference to HairLine services. In many European countries we were recognized as high-level specialist in this field, but it is especially important, when you are recognized as one number brand in your own country.

HairLine International is recorded in the list of top ten hair transplantation clinics worldwide. How have you achieved this result?

We were included in the list of the world’s top ten leading clinics, because HairLine constantly establishes innovative methods and employs innovative technologies to receive more natural effect. Naturally, preference is given to the team professionalism.

HairLine team is staffed with doctors with multi-year experience, who have been working in the clinic since its foundation. We have created the history of thousands of content patients, including leading representatives of show business.

The clinic offers unique method of hair transplantation – please tell us about this method and if this service in-demand direction in Georgia?

HairLine International is an only clinic in the South Caucasus and Georgia, where long hair is transplanted successfully, through the most advanced and modern method, without any sutures and cicatrice.

The newest method calls for transplanting long hair by nonsuture

(FUE) method – this is an impressive step for perfection, in evolution of own hair transplantation. This method minimizes post-operation discomfort and fills both patient and doctor with extremely positive emotions. Everybody witnesses real effect upon completion of operation, density of hair and its direction, without visual discomfort.

The clinic successfully transplants hair in cicatrices, as well as in the areas of eyebrows and beards. Hair are transplanted from various parts of the body.

It is very interesting and progressive direction to transplant long-hair follicular units, but, today, only several clinics are able to transplant it in the world. This operation needs special equipment, huge experience and high professionalism of a surgeon and the whole staff.  HairLine team satisfies all these standards and we were able to show boldness and take innovative steps.

No suture and consequently, no cicatrice.

Which of the clinic services is the most required? How required is transplantation of eyebrow or beard? Do women also apply to your clinic?

Hair transplantation with sutureless method is the most required procedure. 70%-75% of patients prefer hair transplantation with sutureless method. Forehead correction is also in-demand operation among women, as well as  eyebrow transplantation (this last direction has become especially relevant due to fashion tendencies over the past period). I would like to use this opportunity and suggest women to give preference to this method of eyebrow transplantation, because transplanted eyebrow has natural effect and the effect is lifelong. As to males, beard transplantation is considered as one of the successful procedures.

 How has the number of patients increased in 2017, compared to 2016?

 Number of patients grows year to year, because skeptical attitude to hair transplantation has been disappeared, in practice. Over the past years, males demonstrate growing aspiration for self-care, they spend more time on appearance and naturally, this is reflected on growth in number of patients. It is noteworthy that dermatologist-trichologists apply innovative methods for conserving loss of hair, including mezo, plasmo and laser therapy methods, that halts loss of hair, enhances transplanted hair and improves its quality.

How affordable is the clinic services? Do you encourage patients through any special campaigns?

HairLine constantly offers gifts, campaigns to patients. New technologies drives lowering prices. Our procedures are attainable and affordable, however, this is especially evident in the period of campaigns. Consultations are always free for patients.

Do you serve foreign patients and what is the ratio of foreign patients?

Moreover, foreign patients also want to be operated at our clinic; 30% of patients are foreign citizens. Such a number of foreign patients prove we offer high-quality services and guaranteed results. We have particularly simplified consultations for such operations that are made in distance, without visiting the clinics and this is additional comfort.

 What innovative services do you plan to offer to patients or for the company development?

In the near future, new directions will be introduced to the clinic, through expansion of the field of services, in not only aesthetics field. We also plan to open branches in Batumi and Kutaisi.