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Georgian Walnut has the Export Potential in EU, Near East and Asia

By the initiative of Ministry of Agriculture from the end of February, 2015 the Agricultural Projects Management Agency has started implementation of program “Plant the Future” within the two independent components: 1. Co-financing component of perennial gardens; 2. Co-financing component of nursery farms.

Within the framework of the program “Plant the Future”, the volume of state co-financing in case of orchard’s cultivation amounts 70% of cost of plants and 50% of cost of drip irrigation system; and-50 % of the cost of farming value-in case of nursery farming.

Based on sources of Projects Management Agency, within the scope of implemented project “Start the Future”, there has been cultivated 1372 ha of walnut orchards. Among them 223 ha of orchard was planted in 2015, 661 ha in 2016 and as for 2017, in winter and spring there has been already cultivated 488 ha of walnut orchards. Most of the cultivated orchards are met in 2 regions, 580 ha have been grown in Kakheti and 344 ha in Kvemo Kartli.

It should be noted, that in 90 % cases of cultivated orchards there has been planted Chendler variety of walnuts, but so far none of them are in breeding.

We should assume, that the trend of walnut cultivation will continue. Although, there is a risk, that after stopping the state program “Plant the Future”, the pace of orchards cultivation will be suspended. At this stage the project “Plant the Future” is being implemented and the Ministry of Agriculture does not speak about the cessation of the project so far.

The current pace of walnut cultivation increases the opportunities of export.  The Georgian Walnut has the Export Potential in EU, Near East and Asia. However, in order to enter these markets the price must be competitive. It is also important, that the food safety and product quality requirements must be protected.

Georgia can become the leader in producing walnut throughout the Caucasus, although nowadays the leader is Azerbaijan and our country is on the second place.

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