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Georgian Smart Ring CNICK is Amazon’s Choice

Georgian ”smart ring” CNICK became an Amazon’s Choice product. According to company founder Koba Tsertsvadze, the reason is due to its reliability and rating.

Knick launched sales through Amazon last year, and is now very popular among customers.

”Our product is available worldwide, although we focus on the American market, as it’s huge and demand is high. We had a lot of difficulties during this time, in particular, it’s quite problematic to list a product on Amazon from Georgia, and there is no infrastructure in terms of logistics.

Also, a company based in Georgia that has a Georgian bank account is not able to use this account on Amazon, so we had to open an American bank account. That was the most difficult part, although we made it. Now we are capable of delivering our product in any country within two days. We have our supplies in Amazon warehouses in different states, in order to optimize shipping and save on expenses.

Amazon has a program called ”Amazon Export,” in which we are involved. We were selected as our product was interesting, and met all the company’s requirements: we had positive reviews, high sales, so that’s why we received the status of Amazon Choice, which means high rating and reliability,” said Koba Tsertsvadze.

Smart ring replaces any pass card and manage any android smartphone. The ring also can hold various information like links and files, and share it to another smartphone.