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National Delicates ND

Georgian Packed Ready-to-eat Food Appears on Market

National Delicates ND company was founded at the end of 2016. The company launched Proudhon of packed Georgian meals in January 2017.

Currently 7 varieties of products are sold in various trade networks: bean with ham, borshch with beef, Kharcho soup, Chicken Chakhokhbili, Georgian Pilaw (Shila Pilaw), Pilaw with Beef and Rice with Vegetable.

“The contemporary life has brought the idea of production of packed ready-to-eat food to save time. Our product was created for people who want to save time and have healthy food. Our clients are able to have 100% natural Georgian dishes and save time”, Keti Kelekhsashvili, marketing manger of the company, said.

The company produces both Georgian national dishes and traditional dishes of various cuisines of the world. The company also plans to expand assortments and issue lenten food too.

The enterprise is located in Dedoplistskaro District and has obtained HACCP certificate. The company employs 30 local residents.

“There is no analogical product on Georgian market. There are ready-to-eat food on the market, but they are perishable and they become useless on the second and third day, or some products  need water or sauces in addition. Our products are finished products completely and natural by 100%. They do not contain supplements and need only 2-3 minute heating at ovens. Our products are especially convenient for tourism, hiking and similar activities”, the company representatives said.