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Georgian Led TV Sets to Compete with Samsung Production

A few weeks ago Georgian TV sets appeared on the market. The factory AG Telekom put the production up for sale on June 1, 2016.

According to the head of the factory, Mikheil Ghlonti, since June 1st till today, 150 units of TV sets have been purchased on average. Thus, this is the indicator of what the company’s management predicted at the begining before the production have been launched.

The head of the company says that the realization rate will be meaningfully improved in future. As for the competition with Samsung, Georgian production have managed to compete with world brand. This statement is proved due to the huge demand of the Georgian Led TV sets, from the side of the customers.

“In terms of quality, we really compete with Samsung”, said Ghlonti. According to his information, currently Georgian production is placed in “Gorgia” and “Metromart” stores. However, in one week local production will appear also in “AltaOkay” and “Megatechnica” stores as well.

As for the selling price, Ghlonti noted that every network has its own setting prices on the TV sets, for example, at “Gorgia” 32-inch TV costs 479 GEL, while 40-inch TV price amounts  699 GEL.