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Georgian Designers Unveil Clothing Shop of MALAT on Broadway in New York

Georgian Designers Unveil Clothing Shop of MALAT on Broadway in New York

Clothes and accessories produced by Georgian designers are sold at a store on Broadway in New York. The store was co-founded by three Georgians: Ani Purtseladze, Anika Odzelashvili and Nia Odzelashvili.

Ani Purtseladze supervises the business in New York, while Anika and Nia Odzelashvilis manage to combine the business activities in the USA with the life, studies and working in Georgia.

In the interview with the BusinessPressNews, Anika and Nia Odzelashvilis talk about their products and the future business plans.


First Steps

Anika Odzelashvili: “The store opened on March 9. The idea arose spontaneously. At one of the evenings, we were dressed up in clothes of a Georgian designer and the idea was born in that situation to introduce clothing by Georgian designers to others.

It is very difficult here to rent a space. Significant financial background is required for that, as well as administrative documents. You should prove your solvency for this or that specific space you hire. Our partner Ani lives in new-York. She spends major time in the USA. She could prove to have similar background and this factor has contributed to our plans for renting the space. All these efforts required considerable expenses. We have undertaken our business by our own resources”.

Nia Odzelashvili: “As to doing business in New York, the major problem is related to tax regulations, because we do not know them very wekk. Moreover, it is difficult when you do not know the market, segment. It was very difficult to find a due place there”.


Goods and Svanetian “I Love You” in New York.

Anika Odzelashvili: “We cooperate with 14 Georgian designers. We mainly offer handmade goods. Clothes sewed by a specific person is also considered a handmade product. We trade in clothes, accessories and now we have also introduced shoes. Several designers use Georgian details too”.

The Store was named after the Svanetian word – Malat – I Love YOU. Everybody asks what does this word stand for and we also explain its meaning, where the Svanetian Region is located and so on. Georgians often visit our store, but major part of our clients are foreign citizens”.

Business Development and Future Plans:

Anika Odzelashvili: “Despite we have not organized active PR campaigns and taken much expense, we are content with the current sales volume. We hope this positive trend will be continued in the future too”.

Nia Odzelashvili:“We received an offer from Los-Angeles. In that period our shop had opened two weeks before. Therefore, we decided to continue development. However, Los-Angeles remains in our future plans – There is a very good market. At the same time, there is anotehr opportunity to expand our business to a new shopping mall in New York. However, this is not near perspective and we will continue development on the existing basis”.