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Georgian Company Becomes Facebook Partner

Digital Marketing Agency AdvertWise is Facebook’s official partner. Marketer had an interview with AdvertWise’s Senior Online Marketing Tamar Andghuladze to find out what benefits does this status offer to a company:

How did Advertwise become an official partner of Facebook? What steps did you take?
As you know, our agency successfully cooperates with many local or international clients. Facebook’s interest is that all clients are satisfied with advertising, so we, as an experienced agency that has contributed greatly to the success of its partners’ campaigns, have been able to gain confidence that “Facebook” will get involved in in advancing some advertising campaigns and Perfection.

What does this status change for the company? What privilege does it give you to be Facebook’s official partnership?
This status allows us to offer our clients such services as:

  • FACEBOOK page verification – Today it is very popular to put blue sign, which means that this page is verified by Facebook and its content will be prioritized when searching;
  • Verification of advertising account – advertise a product that Facebook prohibits without verifying the company, for example gambling business.
  • Credit Line– allows us to manage our expenses based on invoice. If there is no balance on the credit card at the end of the month, advertisement shuts down, this problem is solved by credit line.
  • We also have an opportunity to integrate our clients’ bases with advertising account, to have 24 hours support attached to us and personal account manager, that holds communication between a company and Facebook team.
  • Trainings – Facebook’s representatives who take part in planning each new device or functionality, are holding trainings on topics and novelties interesting for us weekly. Trainers share their experiences and give us qualified advice.