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Georgian Branded Pinecone Jam Appeares in Goodwill Network

Pinecome jam has appeared in the network of Goodwill hypermarkets. The product is made by micro entrepreneur Eiza Gogoladze.

The businesswoman started product sales as part of Produce in Georgia program. Eliza Gogoladze produces jam in the village of Timotesubani, Borjomi District. She obtained 5 000 GEL co-financing component as part of Entrepreneurship Support Program and after consultations she built a pinecone dust drying facility. 

After business expansion, the program beneficiary considerably increased output and joined marketing support program of Produce in Georgia agency. As a result, she has attended free consulting services and courses.

Thanks to marketing services, Eliza Gogoladze carried out branding of her own products and introduced the product to the target market successfully.

“Micro and small entrepreneurship support project under Produce in Georgia program ensures activation of our citizens in regions to expand their business activities. 

Residents in regions are allowed to launch their business activities thanks to financial support component, while consulting component ensures upgrading knowledge of interested bodies in terms of business activities.

According to last information, the program has supported 3 205 projects with total investment value of 29 155 007 GEL. About 8000 citizens will be employed.

At the same time, co-financing issuance totaled 22 942 704 GEL to 4 909 beneficiaries.