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Georgia to Brew Bavarian Royal Beer

The Bavarian Royal Beer will be brewed in Georgia. Representatives of Castel and Kaltenberg companies signed the due agreement on April 28, 2015. The beer owned by the Bavarian Royal Family that will be manufactured by the Georgian-German investment.

HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern will pay his official visit to Georgia on May 23. The Royal Family has been brewing the beer in only several countries since the 13th century in line with the Bavarian royal standards and the Bavarian Purity Law.

The Bavarian Purity Law was introduced by Duke William IV in the 16th century. Under the law, the beer manufacturers pledge to use only natural and high-quality ingredients in the brewing process.

Kaltenberg beer is made of special ingredients. For many centuries the Kaltenberg brewery has been showing particular attention to the ingredients selection process. Castle company has provided long negotiations for obtaining exclusive rights for brewing Kaltenberg.

The Kaltenberg brewery chief brewer will visit Georgia concerning the inauguration of the brewing process in Georgia. He will personally control all complicated and long procedures that are related to manufacturing the Bavarian royal beer in Georgia.

“Our company that is associated with one of the important treasuries of Germany, the Bavarian royal beer, is trying to find new and interesting markets for its product. In this region we have chosen Castel brewery that fully meets top standards of the Bavarian Purity Law.

Another reason we have chosen Georgia is the fact the market registers significant demand for high-level and high-quality product. People in Georgia understand very well how to enjoy  beer with particular characteristics”, the Kaltenberg chief brewer noted.

“We have passed long and quite complicated process to reach agreement with the Kaltenberg representative. Besides the important investment the German party will make in developing the beer consumption culture in Georgia, we are pleased they have recognized all processes in our brewery to be satisfying all the standards that are hailed in the Bavarian Purity Law, the world’s most important charter in beer production”, Castel company founder Temur Chkonia said.

The Bavarian royal beer distribution will start in Georgia in the second half of May 2015. It should be also noted in Germany a group of French designers have developed a special brand symbols of Kaltenberg.