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French Fries in Georgia

Georgia Produced French Fries To Appear From November

Georgia produced french fries will appear on the market from November. Factory is under construction in Akhaltsikhe village Muskha. Director of the responsible company Freco, Irakli Kurdadze told Businesscontact that factory is due to open in the near future.

Fries will be made by collected potatoes from local farmers, however company plans to have its own firm. The aim of Freco is to gradually replace imported fries. We want Georgian fries to hold 8 percent of the fries at first year and 30 percent for the next year.

Objective of Fresco is to replace imports stage by stage. In the first year of production, Georgian fries will occupy 8% of the market. The market ratio will increase to 30% in 2017.

The product’s target sector will be the HoReCa segment. The company will distribute about 10% of products to the food  stores.

Fries made of Georgian potato is more delicious compared to imported analogues, because Georgian product is free of florigels that are used to maintain product appearance in the transportation process. The Georgian production is more expensive, but the price of Georgian fries will be identical to imported analogues, the company director said.

“They make economies of the scales. Their production accounts for millions of tons a year, when we will produce only 100-120 tons. Consequently, our production is comparatively expensive”, Irakli Kurdadze noted.

At the first stage, 300 000 GEL will be invested in the enterprise. A half part of this sum has been already spent on construction works. In the future FRESCO plans to expand production and draw additional investments.