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vaso urushadze

Georgia Lacks For Transport Policy

Vaso Urushadze, executive director for HUB Georgia, noted that the transport control bill is being developed for 2 years, but the process has not been finished yet and the document has not been submitted to the parliament. The working process is protracted because the country lacks for transport policy and the goodwill to regulate the situation in this field.

“I think the problems consist in the policy, because today transport policy is very fragile in the country and moreover, the country does not have transport policy. We receive only insignificant investments. We need that the country have  a transport policy with due regulations and mechanisms. Today we lack for similar actions. Today the state transport policy management style is very bad and therefore, many reforms and initiatives are inefficient”, Urushadze noted.

At this stage the transport sector remains beyond control and therefore, neither business nor transport system make advancements in this segment, he added.