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Georgia Exports 100% of Pets Furniture to EU Market

Georgian Product, a manufacturer of pets furniture, was founded in 2014 by financial support of Produce in Georgia state program. The company manufactures more than 25 products and exports 100% of them to EU market. The company products are labeled as Made in Georgia.

The company founder David Bardavelidze told the Business Contract that the company has taken 500 000 GEL loan as part of Produce in Georgia state program and 4 million USD was invested in the plant construction.

Georgia-made pets furniture is sold only on EU market and the company’s annual turnover makes up 20 million USD.

Georgian Product manufactures more than 25 varieties of pets furniture. Prices range from 30 USD to 150 USD. Products are made of natural leather or particleboard. Currently, the company employs 365 persons. In the near future the company will expand production and increase number of employees to 1200 persons.