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General Plan to be Developed for Efficient development of Zugdidi Architecture and Infrastructure from 2019

The aim of the initiative is to completely eliminate harmful practice in other cities as chaotic constructions, maintaining the architectural appearance of the city and at the same time moving its urban development into a new stage that is necessary for attracting investments to improve the economic and living conditions of the local population.

In addition, the general plan document will be approved only as a result of joint vision and consensus of citizens and professionals.

The relevant financial resource will be allocated from the budget of 2019 for the development of the General Plan document of Zugdidi land use.

It should be noted that The number of companies that invested in Zugdidi has significantly increased. Among them is the concept of the international brand hotel concept of m² real estate development company, which was presented to the public on November 25th. The event was held in the center of Zugdidi, near the ski park.

The presentation was attended by partners of “m²”, representatives of Zugdidi City Hall, Government of Georgia, NGOs and business sector representatives, Georgian National Tourism Administration and Media. Stepane’s concert was held at the initiative and organization of Zugdidi residents m² “at 18:00, after presentation of the hotel concept.

If the project is implemented, the new hotel will be the first international brand in Zugdidi. In addition, the hotel concept is compatible with the Zugdidi architecture and is distinguished by its location. The project incorporates 130 rooms of modern equipment and design. One of the most important is the employment plan of the local population, with more than 200 jobs available for hotel operations. The full investment cost of the project is 30 million GEL.

“It will be the first international brand hotel in town. The project is important for economic development of the region and unconditionally important to attract tourists. Zugdidi is a city that has great potential for development. At the same time, it is obvious that the investment of 30 million GEL is a guarantee of employment, which makes it even more important for the local population. Today, when the construction of the hotel has not started yet, considering our corporate culture, we considered the concept to be of interest to all stakeholders, as the feedback received before any project is important for us, “says Irakli Burdiladze,” m2 “general director.

Discussion of the details of the hotel will continue within the city’s general plan. Its construction, as well as the implementation of another new architectural project, will be possible after approving the General Plan document of Zugdidi land use.