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First Georgian Bar-Restaurant Opens in Düsseldorf

Three Georgian friends have opened the first Georgian bar-restaurant in Düsseldorf. Kakhaber Gabelaia, Rati Tsakadze and Elene Kipiani have spent several months on projects development and unveiled Pepella restaurant two weeks ago.

The first Georgian bar-restaurant in Düsseldorf will serve customers every day, except for Monday. Pepella offers about 20 Georgian dishes and various drinks.

Kakhaber Gabelaia told BusinessPressNews that Pepella guests are able to taste Khinkali, Mtvsadi, Chakafuli, salads, Khachapuri, Lobiani and other Georgian dishes. The restaurant offers both Georgian and Italian assortments, Georgian mineral waters and lemonades.


Chef and assistant cooks of the bar-restaurant are from Georgia. The restaurant employs both Georgian and German nationals.