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FINTAX – We Create Your Success!

Business Services in One Package.

Business success is expressed in financial indicators. Efficient financial management depend on factors that are to increase the company welfare and capital. These factors are as follows:

  • Business planning
  • Analysis of current activity;
  • Evaluation of Financial Indicators,
  • Determination of risks,
  • Steps for boosting revenues.
  • Optimization of expenditures.
  • Developing modern control mechanisms.
  • Accounting
  • Financial Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Adjusting business with applicable legislation
  • Efficient operation in international economic relations
  • Selecting optimal variant of customs procedures.
  • Efficient management of various disputes, including – tax, civil and other disputes.

Based on the above-mentioned, we offer a united package of business services with specific directions:

  1. Accounting and Auditing Services:
  2. a) Accountancy service;
  3. b) Financial Audit;
  4. c) Tax Audit;
  5. Customs Service:
  6. a) Implementing customs procedures in Georgia and foreign countries (trading countries).
  7. b) Typical, quantitative and value analysis of exports-imports items of the country and their dynamics in time. Selecting specific goods for imports to international market, as well as selecting an optimal country for exports product. Conducting corresponding procedures for obtaining «Exclusive Rights».
  8. Assessment:
  9. a) Risks Assessment;
  10. b) Property Assessment;
  11. Financial Administration and Management;
  12. a) Financial Administration;
  13. b) Business Management.
  14. Legal Services:
  15. a) Tax;
  16. b) Civil;
  17. c) Entrepreneurial;
  18. d) Patent, authorship and related rights;
  19. e) Corresponding legal services on criminal case regarding economic crime;
  20. Other services of the Company:
  21. a) Company registration, reorganization, liquidation;
  22. b) Others.

Brief Description of Services

  1. Accounting and Auditing Services:
  2. a) Accounting Service – Correct accounting service is a cornerstone of success. Our services include an improvement of accounting issues at companies, both single-time services for a certain period and services in continuous format on the ground of an agreement.

13718614_1032887716747761_7247283593573799012_nAccounting process is based on BASS standards (Bookkeeping International Standards). Namely, the company refers our employee to a client organization or performs accounting service in electronic format from our office in the corresponding formats  (ORIS, SUPERFIN, 1C, INFO, FINA and so on).

  1. b) Financial Audit – Auditing financial aspects is a key component to determine financial risks of a company, analyze mistakes and provide correct evaluation of money flows for attaining success. In our company this services is carried out by experienced specialists of audit, who provide successful services for both Georgian and foreign companies.
  2. c) Tax Audit – This sort of audit is a specific part that implies conducting an audit for correct determination of tax obligations. For example, there are cases, when international accounting standards are fully protected and financial indicators of a company seem to be in order, but audit outlines absolutely different picture, because of diversity of operations and different approaches for their evaluation in terms of legislation, as well as frequent revision of normative acts. Our services are carried out by the staff with multiyear experience of working at Revenue Service in the direction of Audit and proficiency in international accounting standards. The services will be carried out both in a single-time format for a certain period and due to various periods. We will assess tax obligations, provide consultations, submit declarations (income, profits, VAT, property, excise, gambling business) and calculations to Revenue Service. Moreover, if Revenue Service decides to audit a company, our staff will join the process so as the audit be carried out in accordance with legislation (tax code, decrees of Minister of Finance, methodological instructions and other normative acts).
  3. Customs Service
  4. a) Conducting customs procedures in Georgia and abroad (trading countries) Customs House – full package of consultations and customs procedures, both in the country and abroad. Preparation of suitable documentation, filling out a declaration, selecting optimal variant from customs regimes (imports, exports, storehouse regime, treatment of goods within the country and outside, temporary  exports and imports regimes, services of transit cargo).
  5. b) Typical, quantitative, value analysis of imports-exports goods and their dynamics in time – Selecting specific sort of products for imports in international markets, as well as selection of an optimal country for exports items. Carrying out appropriate procedures for obtaining «exlcusive rights» – our specialists will carry out market research due to the type of goods and provide due recommendations in the process of imports and exports. For example: what a volume and value of imports and exports of a specific type of goods was in this or that period, what are reasons for growth and reduction of products in the given

Under the Georgian legislation, the body with international trademark (brand) is able to register its own trademark in Georgia at Sakpatenti, national intellectual property center and then register it at Revenue Service.

IMG_4645After registration of intellectual property at Revenue Service, if authorized Georgian resident company carries out imports of goods of the given trademark,  but other company also nimports the analogical product, the latter product will not pass customs clearance at Revenue Service. Our company offers this type of services and all related procedures.

  1. Assessment
  2. a) Assessment Risks – this type of services is a variety of modern services. It is necessary to carry out risks evaluation and determine risks resolution mechanisms for attaining a success in a company. In this case, our company will detect tax, financial and related legal risks and provide due recommendation for their insurance.
  3. b) Property Assessment– under internationally recognized standards the company will provide services by auditors, who are licensed and experienced in assessment of material and invisible assets.
  4. Financial Administration and Management
  5. a) Financial Administration – our company offers a complex package of services – Financial Administration. This package includes both accounting and financial and tax audit, as well as detection of corresponding financial risks. In this case the business interest is to transmit finances to a team of professionals in management, the team which carries out complex services for financial administration.
  6. b) business management – our company is staffed by top professionals with multiyear practical experience of working in various directions of business sector (economists, analysts, tax and financial audit specialists, accountants, property appraiser, tax and civil lawyers) and offer a full business management package both to operating resident companies and foreign companies. Management may be carried out for a certain period determined by an agreement.
  7. Legal Services
  8. a) Tax Disputes – Working on disputes at the Finance Ministry system and all instances of the court system on chargeable funds determined by corresponding draft acts after tax audit, as well as tax obligations charged by the act or/and conclusion (mediation board of the audit department, mediation board of Revenue Service, Disputes Board of Ministry of Finance). Participation in recalculation (correction ) of funds charged due to corresponding themes jointly with audit service of our company.
  9. b) Civil Disputes – this service includes an appointment of representatives for physical and legal bodies at Georgian courts or in relation to third bodies, including on disputes on agreement obligations, disputes on movable and immovable property and so on. We also prepare agreements, participate in business negotiations, found entrepreneurial bodies and prepare required documents, minutes, agreements, legal conclusions.
  10. c) Commercial Law service includes such fields as a development of commercial contracts, competition law, intellectual law and corporate services:

We offer a full package of legal services for medium and major projects. This includes the conducting of preliminary research and preparatory works, development of base legal documents and representation before potential partners, government offices and so on.

Real Estate

Real estate services comprise:

– Construction

-Planning of construction works and environment protection issues;

-Planning of construction works;


-Legal proceedings regarding property rights;

-Ownership/employment of land

Regulation Issues

The service includes a wide range of competition law and consultations over tenders and trade regulations.

291412_3528097761223_1598509343_oPatent, Authorship and Related Rights – comprises an implementation and protection of rights under Georgian Law on Patent and Georgian Law on Authorship and Related Rights, ensures a representation for physical and legal bodies, and nonresident bodies of Georgia, before administrative bodies and the third bodies and in courts.

  1. d) Criminal case related to Economic Crimes – legal services a) regarding services mentioned in article a) our company also provides services related to criminal case. For example: if a tax body imposes certain tax obligations related to a criminal case under the applicable legislation. In this case, we will provide complex services, namely: our lawyers and auditors conduct disputes on determined tax liabilities in the Finance Ministry system and court, and in parallel regime we will control proceedings at the the Finance Ministry investigation department and Prosecutor’s Office.
  2. Other services of the company:
  3. a) Registration, Reorganization, Bankruptcy, Liquidation of a Company – Our lawyers will carry out all legal procedures stating from a registration of business body and ending with a liquidation of a company. It should be noted that a reorganization, bankruptcy and liquidation of a company requires specific practical experience. Our lawyers working in this direction will provide a full analysis of operations jointly with auditors and provide corresponding recommendations for bankruptcy, reorganization or liquidation of a company.
  4. b) Other Services – our company offers such services for business related activities as participation in state tenders, real estate registration, preparing suitable questions for taking «preliminary decision» at Revenue Service ( operation, when normative act has not provided precise assessment. In this case, a preliminary decision-assessment may be issued and the business can follow this decision, which has a legal force in the auditing process).