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Financial Collapse in the Memory of “Kazantip” Festival

12 000 visitors instead of 60 thousand visitors , debts instead of millions of profit.
Residents  of Anaklia are dissatisfied with the results of the “Kazantip” festival . A situation in the hotels is relatively stable. Unlike other people, they have not suffered damage, but didn’t made a  profit – “Rezonansi” daily writes.

Anaklia residents believe that the festival has failed. The reason for this was high food prices, the overlap of the Georgian Military Road due to mudslides – the only overland route linking Georgia with Russia and Ukraine, as well as poor management.

According to official information of the organizers of the festival, Anaklia was  visited by 12 000 guests, but as the locals say, this figure does not exceed 5 000.

The situation in the hotels is comparatively better. The organizers have booked all the rooms a month before the festival, so nothing could affect their work. Despite this, we can’t talk about any special profit. According to representatives of the hotel industry, the number of visitors and income did not exceed last year’s figures.

“Compared with last August, there was no difference. Our expectations are partly justified. The hotel is small, has a total of 42 rooms. They were all booked. This happened before “Kazantip”. Tourists  from Russia, Ukraine as well as the Americans and British stayed at out hotel. A double room with three meals a day cost GEL 201, “luxury” – GEL 318. Prices and load were the same as in August 2013, “- said the executive manager of “Anaklia” hotel Shorena Uchaneishvili.

During the “Kazantip” festival,  hotels worked with 100% load, but, as “Rezonansi” writes, the number of guests and the financial profit  were similar to last year. “Palm Beach” hotel was the only hotel thatmade a profit from the festival. Their restaurant was open around the clock, which slightly increased profits of the hotel.

In contrast to hotel owners,  locals found themselves in a more difficult situation – their expectations have not fulfilled.

The damage is very impressive, as people took bank loans. Expectations were high, and disappointment – even more. The locals expected that income would  be high, and turnover – big. But the opposite happened. They believe that the festival was not properly organized.