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The Fifth Wave of Natakhtari Fundraising Campaign Started

Natakhtari Fund organized a press conference dedicated to the fifth wave of the fundraising campaign at Holiday Inn Hotel Tbilisi.

The Company management and representatives of the Association Our Home Georgia introduced to the journalists and the audience the projects aimed at educating and employing adolescents deprived of care.

Cuneyt Arat, CEO of Natakhtari Company addressed the Fund’s past activities and the future plans. He thanked partners and all those people who were engaged in the charity.

“We decided to establish the Fund approximately 5 years ago in order to take care of the youth. Our goal is to equip them with  skills necessary for an independent life and make them feel that they are not alone. It was very hard, but the outcome of the project was the most important. Over half a million Lari were collected for about 200 people as a result of the public activity. The amount generated from sales of Natakhtari Lemonade was being transferred to the Fund. Therefore, we would like to thank our consumers.

The team of psychologists of the non-governmental organization Our Home Georgia   showed great efforts and professionalism. Also, we highly appreciate  the efforts of teachers and employers who have been working on a daily basis for implementing the project. Special gratitude needs to be expressed to his Holiness and Beatitude the Patriarch of All Georgia, under whose blessings the project is being implemented, and to the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs.

Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, Corporate Director of Natakhtari Company: “They should be well prepared and this is our goal. Here we see the social responsibility of our company. We have nearly 200 beneficiaries, whose lives have been changed for better and will improve even more. This project is distinguished from the other ones by its sustainability and what is more important continuity. I hope that the project will continue and every year we will be able to obtain funds, to provide respective assistance to adolescents deprived of care.”

According to Manana Omarashvili, Head of Psychology Service of the Association Our Home Georgia the project implemented in partnership with Natakhtari fund turned out to be very successful. As she noted: “Natakhtari Company took the social responsibility. This is a long and needs oriented project.

The Company applied to those professionals who exactly are familiar with the needs of the children deprived of care. The child deinstitutionalization program implemented in the country simplified the care for beneficiaries. Also, high activity was shown by our civil society. For instance, one of the teachers decided to train one of our beneficiaries for one of the national exams (GRE) for free. There are many such cases. It is noteworthy that a decision on allocating funding and incurring expenditure is not made by one person.

There is a Coordination Council within the organization comprising of 11 persons of various occupations. By majority of votes we decide which child needs to be assisted and how. We are serving 167 beneficiaries across 28 small family type homes. However, the number of beneficiaries will increase from September, this year. Apart from the financial assistance, our organization is providing psychological assistance to beneficiaries and respectively, we provide the service of psychic rehabilitation.

In particular, 80 beneficiaries out of 167 are already working, 66 adolescents acquired vocational education. 67 beneficiaries are studying at the college and 15 are studying at the university. Five adolescents are getting ready for national exams. Funding is provided for renting apartments for 77 full-aged beneficiaries. They are employed at cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, enterprises and Natakhtari factory.

Mariam Gelashvili, Representative of the Social Service, Patriarchate of Georgia: “We are delighted with the success of Natakhtari Fund and are supporting the project. Cooperation between the Patriarchate and the Fund creates even better opportunities for assisting more young people and adolescents. Today we are talking about the future generation and it is important that the youth without shelter have a stable residence. The main goal is to give them the opportunity for living independently. I, as a representative of the Patriarchate’s Social Service, and a mother of two kids would like to ask our citizens to be more active and support the similar projects.”

Representatives of the Company and the Fund thanked those organizations and people who during the 5 years were engaged in implementation of the Project  – Take Care of Future, which implied employment and education of adolescents deprived of care.

Company established Natakhtari Foundation in November 2011 and started implementation of the project Take Care of Future. Every year, during three months 1, 3 and 5 tetris (according to bottle volume) were being transferred to the fund from each sold bottle of lemonade. In total GEL 587,857 got accumulated in the Fund within 5 years and over 200 beneficiaries were provided various services for education and employment purposes.