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European Controlled Atmosphere Leader Appoints Georgian Consulting Agent

A Tbilisi-based business consultancy which pioneered Market Entry Services in Georgia – announced that they were recently appointed as the exclusive agent for Isolcell, based in Laives (Bolzano), Italy.

“Anyone who works in the agricultural sector in Georgia knows well that we have serious challenges when it comes to cold storage and distribution channels – particularly in terms of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Isolcell’s internationally recognized best-in-class solutions provide immediate results and work out to be more costeffective over the long term than traditional cold-storage solutions,” said Ludovic Girod, Experto Founder and Managing Director.

Isolcell has more than 20 research institutes around the world studying how to safely control the atmosphere of produce storage facilities without using chemicals, pesticides and large electrical resources to run a typical cold storage facility.  Isolcell provides custom solutions based on 60 years of experience in this field.  They provide the widest product-range in the sector and the most advanced technology.

“We are excited to enter the Georgian market because we see a tremendous need for our solutions.  Our solutions have the potential to significantly change the entire market, by extending the shelf life of locally grown produce.  This not only provides higher income for farmers and lower costs for consumers, it provides longer access to healthy produce in the near off-season.  It also strengthens Georgia’s food security and the economy by reducing import substitution,” said Mr. Stefano Brigadue, Export Manager for Isolcell S.p.A.

Isocell solutions include Modified and Controlled Generated Atmospheres for the fruit and vegetable storage market helping to extend the quality and postharvest life of high value crops.  Isocell’s solutions replace chemicals, reduce costs and provide for year-round distribution.  Experto helps Isocell monitor the market and find new customers in Georgia.

“Right now, we see more than a few investors building traditional cold storage facilities in Georgia with high up-front costs, 24×7 electricity needs and complex refrigeration equipment which requires highly skilled and very limited refrigeration technicians.  Investors would do better to reach out to Isolcell via Experto to learn how they could lower their operating costs and enjoy a longer, healthier crop for their customers,” said Girod. For more information, contact Experto at info@experto-consulting.ge.