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Ekaterine Siprashvili: I think I’m Lucky to Be Paid for My Hobby

Interview with Ekaterine Siprashvili, head of marketing department of “Dio”

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

Daily news, interesting days, non-routine, observation of people, listening to the customer- market research, diverse work environment, all kinds of promotion and diverse profession. I think I’m lucky to be paid for my hobby.

Once a friend told me a little bit of a note – do not look at everything with marketing eyes. I think I’m really looking at almost everything professionally and this helps me find and fix interesting facts. Perhaps in this era it is interesting to watch the world from marketing perspective, as now it’s the era of communications and commerce.

What is it necessary to hold successful communication with the public?

Listening to them, offering novelties, more videos, more audio, visuals, texts, contents, using all the ways to get to the customers’ brains and in the best case to their hearts that’s  the reason  of marketers’ insomnia.

What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

  1. Love of the profession.
  2. Strategic thinking.
  3. Quick adaptation.

What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

Even though  I am a GIPA public relations master, studying  is a continuous process and we must constantly develop ourselves. In my opinion, like PR,  marketing is the field where your knowledge is not enough. You should be passionate about this profession, having dazzled eyes, and this spark needs to be intensified along with getting experience.

Describe a typical work week.

“Dio” – this is a very interesting company with up to 60 kinds of products. The diversity of products is an important advantage for our company, since the user can act based on ‘’one window’’ principle, and purchase substantially different products, starting from yard’s automatic gate to the interior curtains.

That is why, various activities need to be done to deliver it all to the audience. The working week consists of – meetings, brainstorming with marketing team, ongoing issues, next week planning and daily monitoring of the world giants in the field where I work.

How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

Networking is important for career success, still a lot of people don’t get the necessity of establishing communication. Networking simplifies job search process, getting more contacts, finding advisor for the new project. Those who understand and use the meaning of networking are well aware that they are moving forward more than 50%, than those who do not use this approach. I am always glad to have new contacts in informal environment, on different occasions – where it’s events, conferences or bars.

How would you prioritize and start your work day?

It became my ritual to check e-mails and get  acquainted with news.

How do you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

Proper time management, strong character, creativity, logical and analytical thinking, easy adaptation and ability to simultaneously deal with several problems. Knowledge of social sciences, flexibility, sense of humor and the ability of independent creative work is essential.

 What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

Responsibility primarily. I am very proud to say that staff at “Dio” choose human values, justice, sincerity, teamwork and respect for colleagues.

What is the best PR practice technology can’t change?

Face-to-face relationships!

What are some of the growing trends in the public relations/Marketing industry?

No one could think that digital marketing would be such an actual / effective and would have replaced many communications.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is relatively new. The process is constantly ongoing, dynamically progressive, evolving, changing and improving over time. The main thing is professionals to catch up with novelties. Obsolete technologies often negatively affect the image of the company – so we need professional staff for permanent development.