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EBRD Allocated €10 mln to Healthy Water

EBRD opened credit line to “Healthy Water, which bottles Nabeghlavi carbonated and Bakhmaro spring water brands.

The company is a subsidiary of JSC Margebeli, a vertically integrated food and beverage group.

The support from the EBRD included an energy audit, which helped the company to identify and prioritise innovative energy efficient technologies that were then integrated into the design of the new production facility. Healthy Water is expecting a 10 per cent reduction in energy consumption as a result.

Some of the technology purchased for the company’s new facility is also eligible to receive incentives under FINTECC, a programm that helps companies to implement innovative climate technologies.

In addition to the loan, the EBRD’s multi-donor Early Transition Countries Fund has provided support to finance a technical feasibility study and market analysis for the investment.

Further support will be provided to help Healthy Water develop a unified branding and marketing campaign.

Incorporating two major food and beverage producers, Healthy Water and Marneuli Food Factory, Margebeli Group is a growing player in Georgia’s agribusiness sector and a long-standing EBRD partner. The new loan is the Bank’s third transaction with the Group since its first project in 2009.

 “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Margebeli Group. This new loan will allow the company to introduce innovative technologies that will improve energy efficiency. This will strengthen the company’s competitiveness, both in Georgia and in regional markets, and align its operations to EU standards while promoting best practices in the local agribusiness sector,” Bruno Balvanera, EBRD Director for Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus, said.

EBRD operates in Georgia since 1992, the Bank has invested approximately €2.6 billion.

Author Nino Shubitidze